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If you have “innovation” in your job title, you should excel at breaking things! (Part 1)

If you have “innovation” in your job title, it most likely means two things: (1) most people have no idea what exactly you’re supposed to be doing, and (2) you have the DNA of a “builder”. Whether you develop products, services, business models or innovative processes, the fact of the matter is that you like “building” new things and hopefully, creating new value in the process.

Dispersing myths of HR Innovation

Does your organization task you with promoting innovation? Are you required to ensure your employees are creative and innovative? Wondering how to choose who should be the focus of innovation training? how do you actually go about it to produce the best results? Basically – are you tasked with creating organizational processes and mechanisms to ensure that employee creativity is actually channeled into organizational impact?

In order to become innovative organizations must innovate – by Ahi Gvirtsman

At first, the above title might seem trivial. Readers might think they are being presented with an obvious truth. I must say, however, that from my years of moving around the community of innovation leaders in various countries, this obvious truth keeps being overlooked. As brilliantly articulated in the seminal work “The innovator’s dilemma”, most established organizations are like machines that have been optimized over time to perform their target operation in the most efficient way possible.

5 Reasons intrapreneurship is essential

Intrapreneurs are the entrepreneurs in the corporate world. There are many reasons why Intrapreneurship is crucial for big organizations. Here are 5 five of them:

Growth: At the time of the economic crisis most of the big corporations stopped investing in the future. Now they have a large surplus.They know that growth is essential in order for them to get a competitive edge, but the way to get there is unclear.

Change or die: what big business can learn from start-ups about internal innovation

Many articles these days discuss how startups should interact with large corporations but none discuss how corporations should interact and work with startups.

Jack Welch, the Head of General Electric, formulated the #1 rule for company survival: “Change or Die” many years ago yet it is just as relevant today. There are companies that develop and there are those that remain stagnant, and eventually meet the same fate as that of dinosaurs.

Innovative Leaders In The Digital Era

The onset of the digital era has allowed technology permeate our daily lives, transforming our realities into something entirely new and different. The way we socialize, conduct business, receive medial care, and carry out numerous other tasks has been impacted by rapid technological innovation. In the realm of business, technology plays an increasingly important role, especially for its leaders. Executives hold a myriad of important responsibilities. Whether they are working on policy development or tracking the company budget, executives are an active and integral part of their companies.

Succeed in the start-up game

The proliferation of accelerators has caused a global shift in the process of venture development for entrepreneurs around the world. Accelerators offer tremendous benefits to entrepreneurs. They provide an excellent network of mentors, advisors, and experienced entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are are able to work on their ventures along side other budding ventures at a similar stage. This type of co-working environment encourages progress and creates a sense of camaraderie amongst entrepreneurs.