We have decided to launch Innovation Makes You Sexy Podcast with the million dollar question: How to grow a culture of innovation in your corporation

To answer that question we brought a perfect guest – meet Dan Seewald, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Deliberate Innovation and the Former Head of Pfizer’s Word Wide Innovation Group where he designed and led the “Dare to Try” program, one of the Fortune 100’s leading design thinking and strategic innovation programs.

Dan has been on the front-lines of innovation for two decades, having been the head of a $1B+ global marketing portfolio, led new product development and market research teams, and is a gifted keynote speaker!

We had the honor of having Dan as a lead keynote speaker at the “Roadtrip conference 2019”.

Here are some of the questions Dan will answer in this podcast:

• Why “purpose” is a key ingredient in any innovation process.
• What signs are showing the company’s leaders it’s time to put more emphasis on innovation?
• What are the main thinking patterns that prevent employees from bringing out-of-the-box solutions?
• Dan’s personal “journey” in bringing the “Dare to Try” Innovation program to life, in a traditional – multinational organization such as Pfizer.
• The impact “Dare to try” had on the company’s culture, the relationships between people and even their personalities.
• How to start innovating even if your organization doesn’t support it.